Unique Architecture Increases Reliability and Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership of Critical Networks

AUSTIN, Texas, September 16, 2021 – Aviat Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVNW), the leading expert in wireless transport solutions, today announced High Availability (HA) routing software for the CTR 8740. Aviat is now one of only a few router vendors on the market to support high availability software, with a targeted feature set designed for mission critical networks.

With its dual independent chassis architecture, CTR 8740 has unique capabilities to ensure no single point-of-failure including dual protected power supplies, best-in-class hitless software upgrades to eliminate traffic disruption, IP/MPLS segment routing for fast network convergence, and strong-security capabilities.

CTR 8740 supports a mix of high availability routing features such as graceful restart, non-stop forwarding, and segment routing which is ideally suited for deployment at both fiber and wireless transport sites in critical networks of all kinds.

“With the addition of high availability routing, CTR 8740 now supports highly resilient backhaul networks and is a compelling choice for operators seeking an affordable routing solution that is reliable, scalable, and secure,” said Peter Smith, CEO of Aviat Networks. “The complexity and high costs of typical routers have resulted in customers overpaying for features and capabilities they don’t use. The CTR 8740 is a smart buying decision that safeguards customer investments and provides a scalable platform as network demands increase.”

In conjunction with this new software, Aviat has also released a major update to its ProVision Plus software platform to enable point and click management of even the most complicated IP/MPLS networks. With Cloud and Premise deployment options, the new Provision Plus release simplifies operations, lowers costs, accelerates troubleshooting and allows for the automation of network functions.

Aviat has just completed qualification with a lead customer – a large state-wide public safety network in the western USA. Aviat is currently taking orders for this product, which is now shipping in volume production.

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