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Aviat Networks is a founding partner in TIP’s Wireless Backhaul Project Group, which is addressing disaggregation of wireless backhaul systems with a larger ecosystem of hardware and software providers,” said David Hutton, Chief Engineer, TIP. “Co-authored by five Tier 1 operators, this group is releasing its technical specification which promises to provide lower-cost, more advanced wireless transport solutions. Aviat Networks has been developing the first prototypes of the disaggregated wireless backhaul system. We are really excited to have Aviat Networks as part of this effort.

testimonial David Hutton
Chief Engineer , Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

Multi-Band is an important technology in meeting the capacity, latency and reliability requirements of 5G transport,” states Richard Webb, Associate Director of Mobile Transport Research at IHS Markit TMT (an Informa company). “Aviat’s new WTM 4800 single-box Multi-Band product offer microwave users flexibility for 5G backhaul applications, allow them to minimize the number of devices they need and control capital, deployment and operational expenses. Aviat Store and Aviat Design are also very important pieces of the Aviat value proposition.

testimonial Richard Webb
Associate Director of Mobile Transport Research , IHS Markit TMT (an Informa company)

Aviat is well known for their highly reliable equipment that large telcos use. Now they sell that same equipment at price points that all WISPs can afford and Aviat’s easy to use website, online ordering, and pre/post-sales support is a snap.

testimonial Tony Cricelli
CEO , Red Shift Internet

Dealing direct with Aviat, supported by tools like Aviat Store, allows me to bypass resellers and distributors, who may be unfamiliar with the products, and their markups and work directly with the experts.

testimonial Chris Frost
Director of Technology and Infrastructure , Cruzio Internet.

The Store is fast and easy. I see us using the Aviat Store for all orders going forward.

testimonial Nate Bondelid
President , Tek-Hut Inc.

The new WTM 4800 radio is about simplicity. The Multi-Band variant simplifies fronthaul/backhaul sites by reducing current configurations of multiple radios, cables, and a coupler to a single integrated radio unit. Additionally, the Multi-Band link planning tool on the AviatCloud simplifies the radio link design and planning down to six clicks of a mouse.

testimonial Earl Lum
President , EJL Wireless

Aviat recognized the need for cost efficient, reliable 10 Gbps backhaul and capitalized on it with the WTM 4800, which is a unique single-box Multi-Band radio design.  A single-box Multi-Band radio not only provides reliability, distance, and capacity, but also helps solve the OPEX business case by streamlining the amount of equipment (and thus cost) historically required for a Multi-Band solution.  Sky Light Research expects E-Band to be the sweet spot of the microwave radio market over the next five years, growing more than 200 percent by 2023.

testimonial Emmy Johnson
Founder & Principal Analyst , Sky Light Research

Service providers need lower total backhaul cost per gigabit, especially with 5G requiring less latency and greater transport bandwidth. Aviat Networks continues to lower the cost of installation, planning and operation by being first to provide an integrated Multi-Band 10Gb microwave product and a unique Multi-Band link design tool. In the next five years, Service providers will spend over $12B on 4G and 5G microwave backhaul including multi-carrier or multi-band equipment, so simplifying the design will be a winning strategy for service provider deployment.

testimonial Don Frey
Principal Analyst, , Ovum (an Informa company)

Pierce County has been and continues to look at Aviat as a strategic partner for day to day operations, problem resolution, system configuration, upgrades and on-going preventive maintenance for our Public Safety infrastructure that support over 23 Law Enforcement and Fire jurisdictions, Regional Transit and over 900,000 citizens.

testimonial Tim Lenk
Communications System Division Manager, Emergency Management , Pierce County

Aviat Networks delivered first class equipment and service. We like going with a “Made in USA” company like Aviat Networks and our customers like that too!

testimonial Jack Keen
President , WNM Communications

I am encouraged to see Aviat's focus on network automation and SDN," says Richard Webb, research director at IHS Markit. "Automation will be an essential tool to simplify networks and reduce OPEX. Support for SDN protocols will be essential to meeting operator goals of standards-based, network-wide automation across microwave and fiber technology as well as core and access network domains

testimonial Richard Webb
Research Director , IHS Markit

I am very happy with our decision to select Aviat Networks for microwave products and services. Network quality and reliability is our highest priority and with extensive expertise and presence in the region, I am confident the Aviat team will meet our highest expectations.

testimonial Michael Murphy
Chief Executive Officer , Digicel Pacific Limited

As a mainstay in the microwave market, Aviat understands the market and has developed a platform that will help operators scale their networks as new applications continue to push network performance.

Robert Tan Emmy Johnson
Founder , Sky Light Research

Aviat Eclipse AIR is the first solution of its kind in the low latency market, allowing us to use fewer radio hops, enabling a direct route and delivering overall lower latency with higher availability.

Robert Tan Bob Meade, PhD
Co-founder , McKay Brothers, LLC, an industry-leading telecom provider of private carrier services for latency sensitive applications

For the low-latency customer who insists on using carrier-grade technologies, we only recommend the Aviat Eclipse platform.

Robert Tan John Viester
Director , TWS Technologies International - a leading systems integrator to fixed and mobile operators in the Benelux region of Western Europe

Aviat allows us to deliver the lowest latency offerings available in the market with unmatched reliability. We are proud to be the first carrier to provide a Microwave Radio Frequency link between Frankfurt and Zurich, connecting the critical datacenters in these financial hubs at unprecedented speeds. We chose Aviat after an exhaustive review of options in the low-latency market. 12Horizons a newly established low-latency connectivity provider, based in Singapore and Barcelona

Robert Tan Olivier van Weeren
Sales Director , 12Horizons

Ghana Telecom Award: Since their inception, the Ghana Telecom Awards have consistently recognized excellence in the industry and reflect the unique opinions of stakeholders toward networking platforms. Awarded by MobileWorld Magazine, a leader in African telecom reporting for more than nine years, the Ghana Telecom Awards are determined through a rigorous process, combining the votes of network carriers with our own in-house research to arrive at the final winners list.

Robert Tan Akin Naphtal
Group Executive Publisher , MobileWorld Magazine

According to our research, for two years in a row, reliability is the No. 1 customer criteria for choosing a microwave vendor. High transmit power means more reliable microwave links; it is perhaps the most critical factor in enabling higher microwave network uptime. With this product, Aviat leads the industry in transmit power.

Robert Tan Richard Webb
Senior Directing Analyst , Infonetics

These rankings are based on a broad sample of 23 respondent operators, each being a significant user of microwave products. Aviat is highest ranked for security and well placed for product roadmap and solution breadth. Overall, this is one of the vendor's best showings in this report. Aviat Networks fared best of the microwave-only vendors.

Robert Tan Richard Webb
Research Director , Mobile Backhaul and Small Cells Infonetics

Overall, network services and support is a growing market and a large opportunity as service providers outsource management of their networks. Aviat is differentiated from other microwave specialists in this area as they are the only company that provides the complete end-to-end solution, and we believe they are poised to gain a share of this segment moving forward.

Robert Tan Stephane Teral
Research Director , Mobile Infrastructure & Carrier Economics IHS Technology

Aviat has proven itself as a major network services SLA provider for wireless network transmission equipment, and we are pleased with their level of expertise and performance. We are confident that with this new relationship with Aviat, our infrastructure management will be enhanced to provide seamless delivery of voice and data services to our cherished subscribers.

Robert Tan Sa-id Mukhtar Abubakar
SLA Enforcement Controller , Network Group, MTN Ghana

By participating in NASPO ValuePoint, public safety and other state and local agencies can purchase advanced wireless communications equipment without having to engage in a lengthy and costly RFP process. This allows first responders to get vital equipment into the field faster, in effect, saving more lives in the process.

Robert Tan Ed Gubbins
Principal Analyst , Current Analysis

Operational activities such as planning, design, deployment and management collectively represent the largest issues with wireless backhaul today and must be addressed to enable denser 5G networks. AviatCloud is one of the most compelling and potentially valuable offerings I've seen yet to deal with these critical issues.

Robert Tan Richard Webb
Research director , IHS Infonetics

As they drive new generations of high capacity microwave into the backhaul for 3G and LTE, L2 will not be sufficient for the long term needs of many mobile operators. In a recent Heavy Reading survey of mobile operators using microwave backhaul, we found that 42 percent of mobile operators believe that L3 is 'very likely' to be needed in the access layer of the backhaul within three years.

Robert Tan Patrick Donegan
Senior analyst , Heavy Reading

As a router, CTR 8540 will enable a range of new IP and VPN services for our mobile backhaul and enterprise applications. Unlike other microwave radios that require adding an expensive, separate IP/MPLS router, CTR 8540 is the only product we found that integrates the microwave radio and IP routing features we need. As the incumbent carrier in Chile, Entel places importance on reducing the number of devices we provision at each cell site to save space and money. CTR does that for us by combining these two functions in one solution.

Robert Tan Juan Andres Guzman Barrios
Chief of Area Connectivity and Transmission Engineering , Entel Chile

The Aviat CTR microwave router is a great foundation for a long-term partnership with our nationwide LTE operator. It meets the high standards of quality and total cost of ownership that we demand from our partner's solutions.

Robert Tan Mikhail Petrov
CEO , Osnova Telecom, Russian Federation

In developing economies, mobile operators are often the primary providers of broadband services to businesses. Having integrated IP/MPLS capabilities can help simplify an operator's delivery of those services as well as its supply-chain relationships, allowing it to meet customers' needs more quickly.

Robert Tan Ed Gubbins
Senior Analyst , Wireless Infrastructure, Current Analysis

Aviat Networks technology is key to our planned network expansion. Future-proofing and reliability are why we invested in Aviat Networks’ high quality networking technology.

Robert Tan Airways
New Zealand , Airways

Eclipse Packet Node allows us to make progress toward Ethernet migration, assisting us in taking our first network evolutionary step from TDM to hybrid and then eventually to all-IP without requiring external Ethernet switches.

Robert Tan Thibaud Rerolle
Technical/IT Director , Safaricom

ProVision network management tool has been tremendously wonderful…It makes troubleshooting so easy and quick… I believe the future with Aviat Networks will be a good one.

Robert Tan Ian Otoo Acheampong
Wireless Support , MTN Ghana

Aviat has proven itself as a major network services SLA provider for wireless network transmission equipment, and we are pleased with their level of expertise and performance.

Robert Tan Sa-id Mukhtar Abubakar
Network Group , MTN Ghana

We have a lot of ideas, we have a number of things that we want to do, and I think Aviat may well be a key component of getting us to that point.

Robert Tan Tocs Onyejianya
Head, Enterprise Network Planning , Airtel Nigeria

Aviat Networks has been a valued business partner to Safaricom and has worked closely with us from the time we started to build a GSM network in Kenya 13 years ago. With Aviat's ability to deliver a robust and cost-effective microwave solution, it made perfect business sense to choose them as one of our microwave transmission partners.

Robert Tan John Tombleson
CFO , Safaricom

Oregon has been a customer of Aviat's for well over 20 years. The reliability of the Aviat equipment has been phenomenal, and the installation and maintenance support from Aviat has always exceeded our expectations. We expect no less as we implement our new microwave network. Aviat's people consistently show that reliability and customer satisfaction are their primary goals.

Robert Tan Rob Reish
Communication Manager , ODOT/OSP Wireless Section

For many years, we have built our backhaul network using Aviat's Eclipse hybrid platform, and now we are migrating the entire network to IP. The STR600 enables us to significantly increase our backbone capacity while maintaining compatibility with our Eclipse installed base.

Robert Tan Hendrik Vorster
Chief Technical Officer , MTN Ghana

This is an opportunity to work more closely with our partner on planning and deploying Aviat equipment into the MTN Nigeria network. This new agreement demonstrates our confidence in Aviat's capabilities to efficiently manage our inventory. The agreement reduces our overall costs and pain points and improves visibility to better plan future inventory requirements.

Robert Tan Yahaya Ibrahim
Senior Manager Core and Transmission Implementation , NID-Network Group, MTN Nigeria

The creation of a new modern, high-speed microwave backbone signals an exciting chapter for Papua New Guinea, where mobile and fixed broadband services that were once inaccessible to the ordinary Papua New Guinean can be brought to his or her doorstep. We are pleased to select Aviat Networks as our wireless transmission partner in our NBN project. With the WTM 6000, our NBN will have the highest capacity radio, which will grow with the needs of the business over the next several years.

Robert Tan Mahesh Patel
Chairman , Telikom PNG

The Network Management training conducted by Ian Hall has been a real success. I appreciate the work that Ian did with our team. His knowledge and excellent training plan increased our team’s knowledge and practical skills in Aviat Networks microwave radio products, both in configuration and networks management system usage.

Robert Tan Student feedback

Aviat Networks’ ability to deliver complex logistics support is the mainstay of our operation and maintenance of the Telcel install base. There is no doubt; Aviat is the best of our suppliers at providing this support function.

Robert Tan Fernando Lopez
Analyst, Transport Network , Telcel

Aviat Networks gets top marks for their Customer Service and Support….peer providers and customers alike agree that Aviat Network’s program is the leader in the industry in this most important criteria when selecting a Microwave provider.

Robert Tan Richard Webb
Infonetics 2011

As you know, we deployed your Eclipse IRU 600 series radios last year... they are two of the best performing hops in our network.

Robert Tan Chris Negron
Director, Wireless Infrastructure , Southern Light

Aviat E-band terminal is the highest technology shape seen amongst competitors.

Robert Tan Senior Manager of Microwave Procurement
Mobile Operator , Europe

WTM 3300’s low profile and simplicity means it attracts much lower site selection compared to traditional 80 GHz solutions.

Robert Tan Technical Director
Mobile Operator , Europe

With small cell deployments beginning in densely populated urban areas, lightweight 70-80 GHz backhaul solutions with small form factors and built-in antennas such as the WTM 3300, can fill a critical need.

Robert Tan Richard Webb
Directing Analyst , Infonetics

Aviat Networks successfully completed the comprehensive and rigorous FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validation process for its Strong Security Cryptographic ModuleAviat Networks successfully completed the comprehensive and rigorous FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validation process for its Strong Security Cryptographic Module.

Robert Tan Marc Ireland
FIPS Program Manager , InfoGard Laboratories

Secure backhaul links are essential for any mission critical network.

Robert Tan Ken Rehbehn
Public Safety Wireless Analyst , Yankee Group

Taking the leadership position in mobile for the Philippines, Globe is pushing further to improve its services as well as its customer experience by advancing its future-ready network infrastructure. We have chosen the best-in-class microwave networking platform to take advantage of its advanced features as we progressively deploy leading mobile technologies including LTE and LTE Advance all over the country. Ultimately, we can continue to empower our almost 50 million mobile customers with their unique digital lifestyle.

Robert Tan Robert Tan
Chief Technical Advisor , Globe

For many years, we have built our backhaul network using Aviat’s Eclipse hybrid platform, and now we are migrating the entire network to IP. The STR 600 enables us to significantly increase our backbone capacity while maintaining compatibility with our Eclipse installed base.

Robert Tan Hendrik Vorster
Chief Technical Officer , MTN Ghana

Columbia River Public Safety Case study: Columbia River Public Safety
Constellation Provides a Comprehensive Turnkey Solution for Safety & Fishing. Aviat provides enforcement officers with a cutting-edge voice and data radio system.

Tooele County (Utah) Case study: Tooele County (Utah)
Eclipse Packet Node helps rural county transition from TDM to all-IP

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