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Give your installed microwave links a 10 Gbps boost with Aviat’s Vendor Agnostic Multi-Band

For more information on how Aviat’s MB-VA can upgrade your existing backhauls without expensive and time-consuming projects download our free MB-VA brochure. Most operators looking to deploy 5G are facing the same problem. Their legacy transport and backhaul infrastructure designed for 3G/4G cannot support the high capacity demands of 5G and upgrading their networks requires …

Designing Microwave Links from any Vendor Just Got Easier –and FREE

Highlights Aviat Design is a unique cloud-based microwave link design tool that can now be used to perform link calculations using radio and antenna equipment from Aviat and any other vendor. Aviat Design is ideal for initial path designs or detailed engineering analysis and is free-to-use at

Aviat Unveils Industry’s First Multi-Band Radios Combining 11 and 13 GHz Microwave Bands with 80 GHz E-Band in a Single Box

Aviat Unveils Industry’s First Multi-Band Radios Combining 11 and 13 GHz Microwave Bands with 80 GHz E-Band in a Single Box. The new WTM 4811 and WTM 4813 allow longer links with higher availability and give operators more powerful tools to expand their networks, avoid expensive fiber builds to deliver the highest capacity, and lower backhaul network Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

DISH Selects Aviat for 5G Microwave Wireless Transport

Aviat today announced that DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) has selected Aviat as a key supplier of 5G microwave transport. DISH will deploy Aviat’s hardware and software solutions to enable a high-capacity 5G microwave wireless transport network and will procure these solutions from the Aviat Store ecommerce platform.

5 ways to improve your all-outdoor microwave radio buying process

Most radio buying processes haven’t changed for years. Some orders are still placed by picking up the phone, emailing a request, waiting for a response, and then juggling multiple POs. It’s such a long process to manage from start to finish. Aviat Store solves all those issues and more.

What to look for in a microwave radios and accessories online store

Whether you need to buy one microwave link, one hundred or who knows – one thousand!? You want the ordering process to go as smoothly as possible, and you want a one-stop-shop where you can purchase your radios, antennas, licenses and accessories. When selecting your microwave online store you’ll want to look for specific features …

Top 5 actions a Licensed Microwave Operator should take in response to the new 6 GHz RLAN initiative (Wi-Fi 6E)

RLAN (Radio Local Area Network), a regulator’s technical term for Wi-Fi, got a new update in 2020, with FCC opening a 1,200 MHz of channel bandwidth between 5.925 GHz and 7.125 GHz. This operation of unlicensed devices across the current 6 GHz band enables the next generation of wireless broadband called Wi-Fi 6E.

WiFi Interference on Microwave: Laboratory testing observations and conclusions

By Sergio Licardie, VP of Advanced Technologies and Innovation at Aviat Networks The FAS expert system is designed to use several rules to determine if interference is happening in any of the radio links registered for monitoring in the application. As part of the overall design and implementation efforts, Aviat has conducted many laboratory tests …

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