Why the Eclipse Hybrid Native TDM/ IP support is still relevant in a 5G World

As the Telecom world largely focuses on the 5G future, many operators are still managing mission-critical operations that use traditional TDM microwave radios. Legacy SCADA, push-to-talk, teleprotection, radar systems, and other vital operations rely on TDM for its simplicity, stability and low latency. However, legacy TDM microwave networks are not able to easily support high capacity Ethernet/IP applications.

Utility companies, public safety operators with legacy TDM-based P25 networks, and service providers that are still operating 2G base stations (in sub-saharan Africa 3G/4G connections only just surpassed 2G in 2019, according to the GSMA) or that need to deliver low-latency TDM enterprise connections, all need to maintain a cost effective TDM network infrastructure while also supporting high speed Ethernet/IP for next generation service deployments.

The Challenge of Migrating from all-TDM to IP

Many operators have delayed migration of their TDM networks to IP due to the large investment needed in time, labor, and network downtime. There are solutions such as pseudowires that enable TDM to be transported over an IP network, but they add latency and inefficiencies in the conversion process that can impact the operation of critical applications such as teleprotection. Operators need a hybrid network solution with the capability to manage TDM and IP separately and efficiently, but over the same link to minimize disruptions and reduce the cost of migrating to IP.

Support for both mission critical TDM and IP applications

Why the Eclipse Hybrid Native TDM/ IP support is still relevant in a 5G World

Aviat’s Hybrid TDM & IP Network Solution

Recently, CommTel Network Solutions, a leading international provider of advanced and engineered solutions for mission and business critical networks, was searching for a TDM/ IP solution to future-proof essential microwave radio networks that support a major utility in Queensland, Australia.

CommTel selected Aviat’s hybrid Eclipse Native TDM/IP platform, which enabled CommTel’s client to maintain their legacy native TDM services and provide a single highly resilient and redundant network infrastructure with higher capacity and at a lower cost than other solutions.

Aviat’s Eclipse platform’s unique support for Native TDM was an important factor why CommTel won the 5-year multimillion dollar contract to upgrade and future-proof their client’s network.

Eclipse Hybrid Microwave Indoor Units

Combining Resilience, Strong Security with Native TDM support

Why the Eclipse Hybrid Native TDM/ IP support is still relevant in a 5G World

Eclipse Datasheet

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