Aviat Industrialized Private LTE

Aviat’s Private LTE solution is designed for operators looking for the right combination of cost, coverage, resiliency and convenience. Unlike many solutions on the market, Aviat Private LTE is designed for smaller-scale industrial applications, with easy deploy and right-sized elements that fit your need without breaking the bank.

In contrast, commercial LTE solutions are designed for much larger networks, and may not be suitable for the extremely harsh environments found in remote mines, for example. Commercial LTE is also not designed to be Mission Critical, providing the high level of resilience against failure. In short, you can end up paying more for s solution which is not fit for purpose.

How do we do it? Let’s break it down:
Aviat advantage from the Core, Backhaul to the Base Station:

Aviat Industrialized Private LTE

The power of a macro in a small cell footprint

Our RDL 6000 base station provides similar geographic coverage as a typical LTE marco cell, but in a much smaller all-outdoor footprint. This means less equipment, fewer cables, faster installation and no outdoor cabinet. On top of that it is hardened to withstand the toughest conditions and temperature extremes.

‘Right-Sized’ EPC

Our EPC is sized for enterprise and industrial networks. Others EPC solutions are not, meaning you end up paying exorbitant annual maintenance and other charges. Having an EPC that scales down to fit your network means you save on costs.

Best-in-Class Wireless Backhaul

Aviat is a global leader microwave and millimeter-wave backhaul and transport solutions that bundling best in class features to support high-capacity, low power consumption, built-in IP/MPLS routing, so you can build a backhaul network with the lowest TCO and highest performance.

Common End-to-End Network Management

Aviat’s ProVision Plus enables you to manage all elements of your Private LTE network from a single screen, whereas with other solutions you would need a separate NMS for the Core, eNodeB and backhaul. This dramatically simplifies operations and results in a better performing network, as well as further lowering costs

The Power of a Macro in a compact all-outdoor solution

Typical Macro Solution

Aviat Industrialized Private LTE

  • Outdoor cabinet housing BBU & stand-alone Router
  • Large EPC
  • Complex – many units and cable connections
  • Multiple costly Management Platforms

Aviat’s All-Outdoor Solution

Aviat Industrialized Private LTE

  • LTE + Backhaul + Router
  • RDL 6000 Integrated BBU and RRH
  • Ruggedized, resilient, no fans
  • All-Outdoor Microwave backhaul, with integrated Router
  • Right-sized EPC
  • Single End-to-end NMS

Does Private LTE make sense for your network? Contact us to discuss this: