The Aviat Disaster Recovery Plan: How to be Ready When Adversity Strikes Your Network

Natural or man-made disasters don’t provide advance warnings and when they occur, they can immediately and significantly impact networks. Fallen trees, bridge outages, and construction catastrophes can cut fiber. High winds can destroy microwave antennas and RF units. Floods can topple overhead lines and wreck equipment depots. Fires can destroy equipment sheds. Terrorist attacks and acts of vandalism can bring down a network in seconds.

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Part 1: Putting ARPA Funds to Work in Next Generation Public Safety Networks

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 allocates $350 billion to help states, counties, cities, and tribal governments improve their capabilities, infrastructure, and services to better respond to and manage the pandemic. This represents a unique opportunity not only to improve strained backhaul networks for public safety agencies but also to support the advent of 5G and a raft of new public safety applications. Continue reading

VIDEO DEMO: How Aviat Multi-Band Hitless Support Safeguards High Priority Traffic

One of the great advantages of Aviat’s unique one-box WTM 4800 multi-band solution, apart from the exceptional ease of use and TCO savings, is Aviat’s patented Layer 1 Link Aggregation (L1LA) algorithm. This unique innovation ensures that your most important high priority traffic is preserved without interruptions, frame drops, or bit errors, even when the E-Band channel degrades and drops out of service altogether due to rain fading. Continue reading