State of Colorado’s Lessons Learned from Spring Fire 2018

Unfortunately, throughout much of the western half of the USA, wildfires have become all too common. Moreover, with the recent fires in California this month, things seem to be getting worse. Wildfires and other natural disasters can have significant impacts to communications systems affecting not only personal cellular communications but also first responder and other mission-critical communications. Fire, police, emergency workers and other first responders need communications during natural disasters more than ever and this is precisely the time when thing just need to work. Continue reading

Space Diversity and Lowering TCO

By Stuart Little, Director of International Product Line Marketing, US

Space diversity has been an important feature in long haul microwave systems for many years to counteract the effects of multi-path fading. Space diversity enables very long links over highly reflective surfaces such as bodies of water for example, where a non-diversity link would not deliver the high availability required.

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The Role of Microwave in Rural Broadband

According to NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association, broadband use has multiplied by more than twenty times since the early 2000s. However, three out of every ten Americans still do not enjoy its benefits. That represents a sizable market, and a good part of that market is in rural areas that lack the infrastructure for it. For service providers, the challenges lie in entering those markets quickly and effectively, and at lower ownership and operational costs than fiber or other solutions.

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