Multi-Band (70/80GHz + 6-23GHz) Backhaul

An analysis of viability of multi-band links: where/when/why…?

Multi-band backhaul links consist of running multiple channels at different frequency bands (typically 70/80G + 6-23G) on a single link to improve capacity and reliability. These links essentially operate like an extended ACM solution – giving more reliability than E-band and more capacity than the lower frequency channel operating independently. Continue reading

5G Transport Networks. Two Big Gaps: X-Haul, Automation

The promise of 5G networks portends major shifts in backhaul technology. With the advent of small cells, Internet of Things (IoT) and other factors, the backhaul will need to support large volumes of latency-sensitive traffic and have flexibility to create more automated deployments. And it needs to be free of hardware constraints. Therefore, the software-defined network (SDN) has a role in bringing this paradigm shift. Continue reading