5 Things You Should Know About RSL

By Ramon Morales, NOC Operations Team, US

Do you remember the last time your blood pressure was checked?  I remember staring at the results wondering what the numbers meant.  Usually my thoughts are, “Great, does this mean I’m healthy or should I be concerned?”

Recently, one of our customers had a similar experience with an email received from our customer service group.  The customer’s initial impression was that the content received was vague and meaningless.  “What am I supposed to do with this information?”, the customer asked.  Continue reading

Pierce County case study – Teamwork resolves critical network issue

“Pierce County has been and continues to look at Aviat as a strategic partner for day to day operations, problem resolution, system configuration, upgrades and on-going preventive maintenance for our Public Safety infrastructure that support over 23 Law Enforcement and Fire jurisdictions, Regional Transit and over 900,000 citizens.”

Tim Lenk, Pierce County, Communications System Division Manager, Emergency Management

Continue reading

Want to Buy American? What you should look for…

For many of us, choosing American-made goods means supporting American jobs and local economies. Beyond this, for many, it means high quality, more innovative products. For others it may mean more access to local support and services. These are all benefits of choosing to “Buy American” however, it’s often difficult to know what to look for when purchasing with “Buy American” in mind? Continue reading